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Be Mindful, What you put out Today brings your Tomorrow!

Be Mindful, What you put out Today brings your Tomorrow!

Friends of the Reiki Rocks Crystal Shoppe

We host Saturday Guest Readings almost every week.  These are a few of our monthly readers.  Check our facebook page for upcoming events.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is a physic card reader of 8 Years, Energy Healer, and teacher. Jake blends his knowledge as a certified Angel Therapist with other channeling modalities to provide readings that bring clarity, empowerment and comfort in every session.

Rachel Garrett

Rachel Garrett is a Registered Nurse that is also a Master Energy Healer. She is a highly gifted intuitive healer that harnesses the power of opening your Akashic Records and combines it with her multiple other spiritual modalities in which she is Master Certified in.

Marci Ross

Marci is a natural visionary & empath. She channels messages of love, wisdom and healing through angelic realms and transitioned loved ones. Certifed Medium, Angel Guided Intuitive, Angel or Tarot reader.


Mary is a Shaman and a shamanic healer as well as a reiki master. Munay’s Wisdom - Munay means Heart in Quechua (Inca)